Sans Pareil translates to “without peer,” and the name testifies to our value of crafting cigars for the discerning clientele seeking an exceptional cigar smoking experience.

Sans Pareil has partnered with master Dominican tobacco grower and procurer of elite tobaccos worldwide, Jose “Jochy” Blanco. This partnership provides Sans Pareil access to his library of elite tobaccos that have been meticulously processed to the most exacting standards. Their vision is not to be the biggest cigar company, but rather to be the company that produces only the best cigars.


Wrapper: Ecuadorian Sumatran

Binder & Filler: Dominican


Wrapper: Ecuadorian Corojo

Binder & Filler: Dominican Republic


Wrapper: Dominican Criollo ’98

Binder & Filler: Dominican Republic

Sans Pareil Samplers:

Sans Pareil searches for exceptional tobacco at every turn for cigars. Exceptional tobacco results from growing in the most ideal conditions. This includes the seed, soil, amount of sunlight, and water. Once it has been harvested, unlocking the potential of an exceptional tobacco means one must first have the skill and desire to identify and set it aside for cigar rolling.

Exceptional tobacco is often fermented more than once to ensure imperfections are removed for the best smoking experience. This is how the tobacco becomes smooth and silky on the palate. After the imperfections are removed, the tobacco is aged. Aging is often referred to as “putting the tobacco to sleep.” During this time, over several years, the tobacco rests and the flavors are naturally enhanced.

These processes require significant amounts of time and manpower with much of that driven by sorting requirements. Tobacco needs to be sorted after every fermentation cycle and at various stages through the aging process to continually separate out the exceptional tobacco from other grades. The tobacco emerged from these processes of harvesting, fermenting and sorting is specifically set aside in a special part of the factory, depending on the tobacco’s needs. Often it is stored in a temperature-controlled environment to ensure consistency and quality control.

Very few companies in the world practice this process due to the amount of labor and detail required. Tabacalera Palma is a special place where tobacco is truly loved. Partnering with Palma, based on our shared passion for the best, has enabled a company like Sans Pareil to not only exist, but thrive.

Sans Pareil is confident when one smokes a Sans Pareil cigar, the quality of tobacco in the blends will be noticed. Now with Sans Pareil, anyone can procure and enjoy this experience