BLL Cigar of the Month Club

$30.00 / month


“Luxury for the Blue-Collar Cigar Aficionado!”

Our ethos is short and sweet. “We want to provide you a cigar experiences that can be repeated, and shared with family, friends and people you love. While learning directly from the companies, blenders, and factories.”

We achieve this by curating a monthly selection that focus on every day (core line) cigars that you may walk by because of several reasons – price, name, band and reputation. We mix in Limited Editions, Rare and Aged releases, our custom blends, and line extensions, and host monthly zooms with company owners, blenders, and representatives.

4 cigars for $30 + S/H.

Join one of the hottest, most consistent Cigar of the Month Clubs out there and never worry about missing out!



Just purchase this once, and you’ll be signed up and charged monthly going forward until you cancel or put on-hold.

You will be charged on your sign-up date each month.


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