Macanudo Inspirado 5-Pack Sampler


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The Macanudo Inspirado line of cigars are carefully crafted and delicious. Each boasts a flavor profile that presents itself in an impressive manner your palate will love. These are phenomenal, well-balanced smokes for a great price point –$29.99 for 5 Robustos.

In this tasting kit you will receive the following cigars:

  • Inspirado Red – Fuller smoke with a combo of dark fruit and black pepper
  • Inspirado Orange – Thick, creamy smoke with loads of flavor and hints of spice.
  • Inspirado Green – Medium smoke loaded with flavors of earthy sweetness and black pepper.
  • Inspirado Black – Rich, medium smoke with a mix of dark mocha and spice.
  • Inspirado White – Mellow, creamy smoke packed with ints of spice.


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