Seattle Pipe Club Mississippi River (2oz)

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Seattle Pipe Club Mississippi River is a blend that’s hard to put your finger on. There’s a ton of complexity in this crumble cake created by the club’s master blender, Joe Lankford. Specially selected matured red Virginias and carefully stoved black Virginia form the base, to which some exotic Orientals are added. Then comes a hearty amount of Acadian Perique and a touch of Cyprian Latakia. The soft cake crumbles apart easily and packs and lights readily.

The flavor is markedly sweet and tangy with a good amount of mellow spice, and the hint of Latakia adds body, giving it a lush mouth feel and complexity. SPC Mississippi River quickly became a favorite among the P&C Faithful, and its continued high volume of sales have proven that this blend is a modern-day classic. If you’ve never tried it before, this is a roller coaster ride for the palate, and you should get some immediately, and if you’re one of the many fans of the blend, we don’t have to convince you any further.


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