Warped La Colmena X Celestial Event Only Combo


Embark on a trip of flavor and exceptional craftsmanship with this Warped Combo. This offering goes beyond the ordinary, offering you an extraordinary smoking experience!


  • Warped La Colmena: La Colmena “The Beehive” is the flagship of Warped. It is the cigar that put them on the radar and what they consider their most traditional “Cuban style” blend. It uses entubado bunching, a Cuban triple cap, and the historic Cuban covered foot. These are masterfully rolled at El Titan de Bronze by true category 9 master rollers from Cuba.
  • Warped Celestial 3-Pack “Event Only Cigars”: This ultra-exclusive trio is reserved solely for special events and offers a completely unique blend that complements the Warped brand in complexity and quality. These are cigars that are as rare as they are remarkable, and their inclusion elevates this combo package into an absolutely celestial experience.

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Box of 10 x Event-Only 3-Pack


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