EL Pulpo Octo Ocho by Artesano Del Tobacco (Culebra – 7×38)


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Like most culebras, it features three cigars that have been twisted together around one another, almost like the vines of a tree. The cigars are rolled like normal cigars, but while they are still moist, they are twisted together, ensuring that the individual cigars will hold their unique shapes once the ribbons holding the cigars together are removed. Despite the twisted appearance, the cigars are made to be smoked like another: one at a time, cut from the cap and lit from the foot. Thanks for HALFWHEEL for the great description!

Octo Ocho uses the same blend as the other El Pulpo cigars: a Mexican San Andrés wrapper over a binder and fillers from AJ Fernandez’s farms in Nicaragua. Unlike the other sizes in the line, Octo Ocho is a round cigar, not box-pressed. Production is handled by AJ Fernandez’s San Lotano Factory in Nicaragua.

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Box of 3, Single


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