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To celebrate our 200-year history, TOSCANO® cigars has decided to create a cigar unique in shape and smoke: the TOSCANO® Duecento. After a successful launch in Italy and Europe in 2018, the cigar became a continuous edition and Manifatture Sigaro Toscano decided to launch this unique product in USA.


Composed of premium, fire cured tobacco from both Italy and North American Kentucky, this cigar, of exceptional size, is born. Hand rolled by the cigar rollers in TOSCANO® cigar’s Lucca factory at 200 mm (7 ¾”), the sizeable belly of the TOSCANO® Duecento provides the consumer a full bodied yet velvety smoke with an incredibly smooth draw. The lengthy maturation process slowly refines the cigar’s organoleptic features.

The TOSCANO® Duecento’s exceptional dimensions allow for a smoke appreciation unlike any other. As the consumer smokes this cigar, they will notice the progressive evolution of the cigar throughout its multiple facets.


In the first third of this cigar, balanced and even features stand out and quickly evolve throughout the second third into a more intense and full-bodied smoke, allowing the North American Kentucky seed tobacco to stand out with its smoky, roasted, taste. In the last third, the cigar shows all of the TOSCANO®’s full-bodied attitude, where the smoke becomes especially strong and spicy with rustic notes ruling the experience.

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